What kind of car do I need?

A specialized track car is not required for participation in the Novice group. Any standard vehicle, ranging from a Ford Focus to a Porsche 911, is suitable for our program. Convertibles are accepted, provided they have either factory roll-over protection or an aftermarket roll bar.

The crucial aspect is ensuring that your vehicle is in excellent condition, with particular attention to well-maintained tires, brakes with sufficient life remaining, and the absence of leaks or squeaks indicating wear. See our Tech Inspection Guide on things you should lookout for.

Do I need any safety gear? 

Yes, SA2015+ helmet is required. We do have limited quantity of SA Approved helmet for rent onsite.

Convertibles require rollover protection. OEM rollover protection is acceptable. 

Can my car meet sound requirement? 

Various tracks have distinct sound requirements. Sonoma and Thunderhill adhere to a standard of 103 decibels with a 3-strike rule. Laguna Seca, on the other hand, have specific high/low decibel levels. And a 2-strike rule. The majority of V8 cars and high-revving naturally aspirated (NA) cars often struggle to meet the low decibel limit (90db/92db) and typically need to participate in events with 103db or higher.

How much track time will I get? 

LightSpeed track events usually consist of 90-120 minutes of track time depending on the track, assuming no delays due to unforeseen circumstances. This time is not a guarantee. 

Can I bring a passenger/spectator?

Yes, we welcome spectators at our events. Beginners may have passengers ONLY if they are pre-authorized, you should always check with your Novice Group Instructor. Any run group outside of beginner may have passengers. 

Do I need insurance? 

Track insurance is not required but recommended. 

What if I cannot make my track day? 

If you cannot make it to the event, please let us know as soon as possible as we will try to accommodate your needs. If you wish to cancel the event, please refer to our refund policy

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

Yes you can, however you need to do that 72 hours before the event date otherwise a $15 processing fee will be charged to you.

What run group do I belong to?

Please refer to our run group guide

Any advice for beginners?

It's a learning curve. Gear up and enjoy! 
To help you get ready for your first track day, you can watch our track-talk videos

What if it rains?

Our events are rain or shine. We will not issue refunds due to weather.  In fact, most of drivers discovers that driving in the rain significantly improves their driving skills.

What time do we start the day?

Event usually start around 8AM depending on the track. Event logistics will be sent out a few days before the event.

Do I need numbers on my car?

Vehicle numbers are required and are a minimum of 2 digits. Numbers must be at least 8" tall and must be on both sides of the car.