LightSpeed Run Groups Explained

The following outlines the descriptions of different run group classifications featured in LightSpeed track events.
Keep in mind that not all of these run groups will be present at each event. Therefore, refer to the event description to determine which ones are available for your preferred event.


  1. Have an open mind and ready to learn
  2. Experience from completely new to the sport to 5 days of experience.
  3. Professional instructors providing In-Class and On-Track sessions to get you fast tracked into high performance driving


Low Intermediate:

  1. Point-by required and passing only on straights.
  2. Be able to recognize and understand all flags.
  3. Understand the fundamentals of a corner.
  4. Have traffic awareness and the ability to see traffic approaching in mirrors.
  5. Exhibit a predictable and consistent driving style.


High Intermediate:

  1. Point-by recommended on straights; point-by required in corners.
  2. Know how to set up a pass without a point-by on straights.
  3. Feel comfortable giving a point-by anywhere and as soon as possible.
  4. Be comfortable and relaxed working with traffic, anticipating traffic approaching a couple of corners prior.
  5. Understand the limits of tire grip, working on maximizing available tire grip.



  1. Passing anywhere with a recommended point-by.
  2. Have the ability to apply weight transfer theories in transition phases of corners.
  3. Have the ability to drive at high slip angles.
  4. Understanding of how to set up passes at corner exits and understanding of passing limitations at corner entry.
  5. Understand when a pass is warranted (the responsibility for passes lies with the overtaker; the car being overtaken is a facilitator).