Welcome to LightSpeed, where we are proud to provide a welcoming and inclusive community for motorsports enthusiasts like you! We offer a range of premium Track/HPDE events, thrilling Road Rallies, and engaging social gatherings for those who share our passion. Our events are meticulously designed for all skill levels, and we place the highest priority on safety and professionalism.

Join us and be part of an exciting and esteemed community where you can indulge in your love for motorsports in a truly exceptional way!

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Never been on a race track? Complete beginner?

Do i need to have a sports car? NO! You can even bring your Family Sedan!

We offer the BEST beginner program in the industry! Led by experienced professional racers and coaches, our program guides you step by step towards your goals. Whether you aspire to be a weekend warrior or aim for professional racing, our team is here to help you achieve your dreams! Beginner Guide

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