2023 LightSpeed Autosport Festival

Experience the extraordinary LightSpeed Autosports Enthusiast Festival, where captivating car meets, exhilarating AutoCross challenges, and dynamic Track Day events converge. Delight in the vibrant ambiance, treasure trove of automotive wonders from esteemed vendors, and the thrill of an enticing raffle. Engage with passionate enthusiasts and forge lasting connections in this enchanting realm of shared ardor.

Track Events

Join us for an exhilarating three-day Sonoma track event, set on California's most challenging road course. All skill levels are invited, with professional coaching available. Plus, enjoy the excitement of a complimentary raffle ticket included with your registration. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to embrace the thrill of high-speed racing and enhance your skills on the track.
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Car Meet

All makes and models are welcome, dedicated space, no gate fee and raffle ticket included in registration. Experience the thrill of the race track at a fraction of the cost during the LightSpeed Autosports Enthusiast Festival. Indulge in the joy of navigating twists and turns, unleashing your inner racer in a controlled environment.
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A thrilling motorsport discipline, challenges drivers to navigate a closed course, typically marked by cones, with precision and agility. With the clock ticking, competitors showcase their skill and car control as they maneuver through a maze of tight turns, slaloms, and quick accelerations. This intense test of speed and handling demands sharp reflexes and the ability to adapt quickly. Autocross delivers a thrilling experience that showcases the dynamic capabilities of both drivers and their vehicles in a compact, adrenaline-fueled package.
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